New Indiana Jones Video Game Previewed

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Trailer Released No, Great Circle is not the next inferior sequel to the films featuring our beloved archeologist. A little over three years after first being announced, Bethesda and developer MachineGames have finally shown off their highly anticipated Indiana Jones video game. The game takes place in 1937 between […]

Roth: Hagar Was Molested by Aliens

The tension between the two former Van Halen front men rose again when Hagar seemed to invite Roth to perform only to rescind when Roth apparently accepted. In a YouTube video, Roth commented on Hagar’s belief that aliens abducted him as a teenager.  According to Roth, this explains Hagar’s behavior later in life. Roth took […]

Star Wars Lost Draft Script Sells At Auction

Harrison Ford left behind something more than his toothbrush when he departed a London rental. The people who owned a home that Ford rented in 1976 found a script, dated March 15, 1976, and titled The Adventures of Luke Starkiller. It is the fourth draft of the screenplay that became Star Wars: Episode IV – […]

Will Salem’s Lot See Light of Day?

Written in 1975, Stephen King’s horror novel “Salem’s Lot” is about a writer who returns to his hometown in Maine and discovers its residents are becoming vampires. It was first adapted in 1979 into a two-part TV miniseries directed by the legendary Tobe Hooper. In 2004, TNT adapted the book into a new two-part miniseries […]

GenX and “Distraction” Media

Recorded before a live Facebook (and YouTube) audience, Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 1980s news including: David Lee Roth prodded Sammy Hagar Salem’s Lot may never see daylight Draft Star Wars script sold at auction Then, we discuss the current (and potential future) state of media and ask whether the 1980s was part of […]