Roth: Hagar Was Molested by Aliens

The tension between the two former Van Halen front men rose again when Hagar seemed to invite Roth to perform only to rescind when Roth apparently accepted.

In a YouTube video, Roth commented on Hagar’s belief that aliens abducted him as a teenager.  According to Roth, this explains Hagar’s behavior later in life. Roth took the chance to ding Hagar for apparently trying to start a feud.

“I know that when you’re abducted by aliens you get sex probed,” Roth insisted. “For the last 10 summers, I haven’t said a single syllable about [Hagar]. Not one. And in the face of a constant fart gas aimed in our direction here at the Mojo Dojo Diamond Dave Laboratories. And I think we’ve arrived at both the technical and the medical answer that may explain some of Sammy Hagar’s conduct and his constant spew of diarrhea vitriol in our direction. Sammy Hagar was abducted by aliens and he was sex probed.”

Dave then likened Hagar’s purported incident with a piece of electronic gear common in the 1980s.

“But what I do know with absolute accuracy is that if you take a half of a popsicle and you jam it into a cassette tape player, no matter how carefully you extract it, that tape player will never play the same again.”

At least part of what Roth suggests is true. In a 2002 interview with Guitar World magazine, Hagar said that he was a true believer of extraterrestrial life.

As early as 1968, Hagar claims they “used me in an experimental fashion. The easiest way to put it is that they downloaded my brain information. And I caught ’em doin’ it!”

In a 2011 interview for his then-new book, “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock” at, Hagar told the reporter that a passage in the book described as a dream in which he is contacted by aliens from outer space was, in fact, reality.

This reminds us that in the bands 1986 concert video “Live without a Net,” Hagar tells the crowd that “Love Walks In” is “about aliens.”

While the first word is “contact,” the most obvious lyrics include:

Love comes walkin’ in

Some kind of alien

Waits for the opening

Then simply pulls a string

Curiously, while sightings of UAPs (formerly UFOs) are at least the same as during their peak in the 1950s-70s, the number of reported alien abductions seems to have dropped precipitously.


Over the course of two decades, the U.S. Air Force cataloged 12,618 sightings of UFOs as part of what is now known as Project Blue Book. The project came to an end in 1969 after a study concluded that most sightings could be explained by natural phenomena, or even hoaxes.


In April 2022, the Pentagon announced the formation of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office to investigate objects “that might pose a threat to national security.”


The office has received approximately 800 reports of unidentified objects to investigate as of this past April, up from 650 reports in August 2022. Nearly all of the new reports refer to objects observed in the air; only one comes from a maritime sighting. This is comparable to the average 522 sightings per year between 1947-1969.

Conversely, while sightings are up in recent years, we hear little about abductions.

There instead seems to have dropped off precipitously since the 1980s. We can’t find a study that shows actual a count of reported extraterrestrial kidnappings.

Consequence:  Hagar Was Sex Probed



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