New Indiana Jones Video Game Previewed

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Trailer Released

No, Great Circle is not the next inferior sequel to the films featuring our beloved archeologist.

A little over three years after first being announced, Bethesda and developer MachineGames have finally shown off their highly anticipated Indiana Jones video game.

The game takes place in 1937 between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Indy will be joined on his journey by Gina, who is a new female character that is introduced in the game. Throughout his latest video game adventure, Indiana Jones will visit locales that include Sukhothai, Egypt, and the Himalayas, to name a few.

During Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct event in January, Bethesda unveiled the first look at gameplay from Indiana Jones. As expected, Indy himself features the same likeness as actor Harrison Ford and comes equipped with his trusty bullwhip.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this trailer is that it has confirmed the game will take place primarily from a first-person perspective. Outside of fighting against Nazis, this initial trailer for The Great Circle also sees Indiana Jones solving puzzles and sleuthing through ancient temples.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will arrive at some point in late 2024. It will be playable (at least) on Xbox and PC.

Last year we learned during the FTC v. Microsoft case that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was originally planned for multiple consoles. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s former head of global publishing, testified that Disney had a contract for multiple consoles and that the deal was amended to be an Xbox console exclusive after Microsoft acquired Bethesda.

A source familiar with Microsoft’s plans told The Verge that Bethesda is also considering bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to PS5.

While Bethesda will launch its Indiana Jones game first as an Xbox console exclusive, it’s currently set to have a rather short period of exclusivity we’re told. A release for PS5 is being considered for some months later, with Bethesda tentatively targeting a December 2024 launch for the Xbox and PC versions. Indiana Jones Release Window



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