Things That Make Me Go Grrr!

Earlier this year, Will had a great (and therapeutic!) discussion with social media sensation The Real Slim Sherri about all things GenX. During their chat, while expounding upon the topic of general life outlook, Will referred to me as “rosy and optimistic.” While I won’t attempt to deny this (it’s accurate!), I actually see myself as being quite realistic in many situations, and there are even times when a slight bit of cynicism can creep into my view. Hearing myself described as optimistic prompted me to compile a list of life experiences about which I feel very far from rosy. They are as follows:

  • Drivers using the left lane for traveling at a speed they’ve settled into rather than for passing.
  • Crowded grocery stores or, more specifically, shoppers who don’t seem to notice that other shoppers need to be able to travel down the aisles, as well. (This is not unlike the highway pet peeve, above.)
  • Neighbors who barely shovel their street parking spots, then power their vehicles out over the snow drifts, and take the spots that others have thoroughly cleaned out.
  • Un-shoveling neighbors who decide to throw a party after a snowstorm in a street-parking only situation.
  • Dog poop that’s either been egregiously disregarded, or even dog poop that’s been bagged but then carelessly tossed into the street, curb, or other area where someone else *besides* the dog owner would need to clean it up.
  • Deception or dishonesty (harmless playful pranks or surprises excepted).
  • Disrespect.
  • Theft of any sort.
  • Lack of trust in *me*. I mean, if you know me at all, you should have figured out I’m a decent, trustworthy person! I normally have other people’s feelings and interests in mind, sometimes more than my own. I can handle a “no”, or a “sorry, that won’t work” or whatever, but just hear me out first.
  • When parents send their sick kids to school.
  • When Slim Sherri knocked me out of my top Facebook post spot for 1980s Now!

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