The Wheelers Return to Night Court

Brent Spiner and Annie O’Donnell made their debuts on Night Court in December of 1985 as Bob and June Wheeler on the Season 3 episode “The Wheels of Justice, Part 1.”

The two became fan favorites for their darkly hilarious stories of woe, from losing their home, business, and dog to a tornado to buying the newsstand at the courthouse for an outrageous markup. In total, they appeared together in six episodes throughout Seasons 3 and 4.

Of course, Spiner left Night Court to take on what would be a longtime role as Data in the Star Trek franchise. O’Donnell, meanwhile, would go on to have a varied career full of smaller roles in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Murder, She Wrote, and NCIS as well as films like Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Black Sheep.

Well, after 39 years, the Wheelers are returning to Night Court to appear before Harry Stone’s daughter Judge Abby Stone (played by Melissa Rausch, who also produces the show). And this Dan Fielding (John Larroquette), who often derided the Wheelers as a prosecutor whenever they appeared in the original series, will now be tasked with defending them in court.

In 2019, Spiner told a crowd at Big Apple Comic Con that he had hoped they would reboot Night Court, but then star Harry Anderson passed away in 2018. He additionally explained told the audience that he auditioned for the part in the 1980s by acting like a character he created to entertain his friends.

When asked about reuniting on set with Spiner and series regular Larroquette, O’Donnell told Bleeding Cool News:

“A whole half-a-lifetime went by between when we had seen each other and done the show last. It was like [that gap] had not happened. It was like we were there like yesterday, it all fell into place.”



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