The Strangest 1980s News Stories of 2023 (Fixed)

As the year comes to a close, we share clips of the strangest 1980s news stories Will, Kat and Jon discussed throughout 2023. Those items include:

  • Someone attacked the Goonies’ house with a fish.
  • Is Uno the next Mattel movie?
  • The original “Wilhelm scream” has been found.
  • A “Ghostbusters” law affects haunted real estate.
  • John Mellencamp fights audience.
  • Did The Outfield write the ultimate summer song?
  • Disney removes something unsavory from canon.

Introduction – 00:00

Goonies’ Fish Attack – 5:19

Uno the Movie – 13:21

Wilhelm Scream – 18:14

Ghostbusters Law – 28:51

Mellencamp FIghts Fans – 43:35

The Outfield – 50:22

Disney Changes Canon – 59:51

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