The Smithereens in the 80s w/ Jim Babjak

Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 80s news including the Halloween Grinch that tried to ground Max, a “Scanner” series coming to HBOMax, and Iron Maiden’s new tour.

Then, we chat with Jim Babjak, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist of the platinum award-winning The Smithereens. What’s your favorite song? Email us your thoughts to

Introduction – :32

1980s News – 2:01

Will’s Smithereens 1980s Memory – 32:20

Jim Babjak Interview – 40:09

Thank You and Wrap-Up – 1:12:04

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Recorded before a live Facebook (and YouTube) audience, Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 1980s news including: 0:00 – Introduction 4:00 –