The Simpsons in the 80s w/ Brian Volk-Weiss

Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 80s news including how Elvira was D-listed, a premakequel series for “Friday the 13th,” and Johnny Depp was still not cast in Beetlejuice 2.

Then, Will and Jon chat with Brian Volk-Weiss–CEO/founder of The Nacelle Company–about his latest docuseries “Icons Unearthed: The Simpsons.” Are you fan of The Simpsons? Email us your thoughts to

Introduction – :30

Announcements – 3:03

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1980s News – 4:31

Is this a Real Simpsons Episode? – 25:40

Brian Volk-Weiss on his Simpsons Docuseries – 38:37

Your Feedback and Thanks – 1:06:48

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