Sax Solos in 80s Music

Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 80s news including Jeff Bridges tells iconic video game joke, John Mellencamp tells audience to STFU, and Little Mermaid gets review bombed.

Once featured in nearly every 80s song, the trio traces the controversial of sax solos in music to determine where they went. Will challenges Kat and Jon to identify the iconic 80s sax solo. And you determine the most popular 80s sax solo.

Introduction – :25

Announcements: 3:15

1980s News – 5:30

Sax Solos in 1980s Hit Music – 32:00

Wrap-Up & Your Feedback – 1:21:25

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“Where Did All the Saxophones Go?” Kelsey McKinney (2017)

“Where Have All the Saxophones Gone? Tracing 65 Years of Saxophone Solos in Top 40 Music” by Brian Wansink, PhD (March 2023)

“The Saxophone” by Stephen Cottrell (2012)

“Why Adolphe Sax’s Musical Invention Wasn’t Taken Seriously” by Lily Rothman (November 2015)

“The True Story of The Lost Boys’ Sax Man” by Germain Lussier (April 2020)



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