Robert Downey Jr. Was ‘Villain Of The Oscars’

The 96th Academy Awards aired Sunday, March 10, on ABC, and there were a few connection to 1980s pop culture.

Robert Downey Jr. is getting backlash on social media for appearing to disrespect Ke Huy Quan at the 96th Academy Awards.

This year, the prestigious ceremony decided to revive an old tradition by inviting five past acting winners to present the awards in their respective categories to this year’s winners. Since Quan won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category last year for his turn in “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” he presented the award for the category Sunday night.

In a clip from the ceremony, Quan looked very excited when he announced Downey as this year’s winner. But as Downey walked onstage to receive his award, the “Oppenheimer” star failed to acknowledge Quan’s presence in any capacity. Quan approached Downey with the trophy, Downey took it without making eye contact with him and then proceeded to shake hands with other people onstage.

Viewers on social media were immediately annoyed by the snub, and some expressed their disappointment on Twitter, Sunday night.

“Okay I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I get this is RDJs moment but it’s Ke Huy’s too. He was the most ignored person of the 5 up there.”

“It’s telling when you see how actors interact in situations like these. In this instance I feel like RDJ is the type of person that’ll be rude to waiters.”

Although Downey was later photographed hugging Quan when he spoke to the press after winning the award, Downey’s behavior was a stark contrast from Quan when the “Indiana Jones” alum won the award in 2023.

Many of Downey’s fans also stuck up for the actor on social media, saying he appeared “flustered” and “overwhelmed.”

HuffPost: Downey Dubbed “Villain”



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