Road House Fans Are Saying This About Remake

And, no, it isn’t “Why did they make this?”

With over 50 million views, over the first two weekends since its release, the remake of the 1987 film of the same name, is the biggest film Amazon has ever produced.

The movie is not, however, without its controversy. Most recently, we reported that producers may have used AI to complete the film before a deadline that would’ve required they relinquish the copyright back to the screenwriter of the 1987 original.

And Amazon caused a stir, when it reportedly reneged on its arrangement with the film’s director Doug Liman by forgoing a theatrical release of the reboot.

As a result, Liman said he would not attend the premiere of the film at SXSW earlier this year saying that Amazon was “using Road House to sell plumbing fixtures.”

While not a one-to-one comparison, a Twitter post by Dominique Tolley, Sr. pointed out how much it could have made in cinemas.

They wrote: “50M viewers let’s say half of these had 2 people watching, that’s 75M people watching. At $10 a ticket, that would be $750M around about in the box office.”

Of course, a $750 million take would have place “Road House” as the biggest film of 2024. Dune: Part Two is currently leading the way with $627 million at the box office.

Of course, the high number of views is likely be due in part to the fact that the film is available to be streamed at home.

In the end, Liman did attend the movie’s premiere. Regarding this change of heart, Liman said: “You know, it’s tough to do but sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you lost.”

It’s as if he learned no lessons from Elmwood Dalton.

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