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Gen X vs. Millennials

First, Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 1980s news including: 1981’s Wizardy is getting a digital makeover 1984’s Transformers coming to theaters Transformers One debuts in September Transformers/G.I. Joe mash-up film has been green lit Then, we respond to viral Millennial TikTok videos that invoke the good name of our generation. Introduction – 00:00 Announcement – 5:25 1980s News – 08:00 Gen X vs. Millennials – 36:25 Wrap-Up & Your Feedback – 01:15:35 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1980snow. Email us

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The 1980s were a formative time for Will Padilla. The founder and co-host of the 1980s Now podcast likens the decade to the European Renaissance from centuries ago.

“Unlike decades since and many decades prior, it has had a bigger influence on what continued after it, in terms of media, than any other,” Padilla says. “There was such an influx of new tech and globalization that burst these new forms of music and movies that continue today.”

You’ll hear all about those movies…”