Naked Gun Creator Doesn’t Approve of Reboot

Pamela Anderson has signed on to star opposite Liam Neeson in Paramount Pictures’ untitled remake of “Naked Gun,” based on the crime spoof comedies that were released in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

While reboots are often more miss than hit, the creators behind this particular relaunch give hope to fans. The new installment of Police Squad will be directed by Akiva Schaffer, which has a script by Dan Gregor, Doug Mand and Schaffer. That trio were behind the popular and Emmy-winning Disney+ movie Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, a movie that is far funnier and more clever than it was expected (or needs) to be.

The original “Naked Gun” movie was written and directed by Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams and David Zucker and based on their television series Police Squad! that lasted only six episodes, spoofed the tropes of police shows and films that had ingrained themselves into audience’s minds over the decades. It centered on an inept and clueless detective named Frank Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen, who still somehow managed to solve the crime and save the day.

While there are no plot details, it is known that Neeson is playing Drebin and Anderson will be his love interest, akin to the role played in the original by Priscilla Presley. Just as the behind-the-scenes talent provides some assurance the film may actually work, Neeson’s casting is also a boon for the production. While most don’t think of Neeson as a comedic actor, Nielsen also had a successful career as a dramatic actor before his turn in “Airplane.” And Neeson has demonstrated an ability for knack for a dead pan delivery during the most absurd premises.

Regarding the upcoming reboot, David Zucker told TMZ he’s not excited about having the franchise given to other people. Especially because he and his partners, Pat Proft and Mike McManus, submitted a script to Paramount, back in 2018, and he says they thought the studio liked the concept.

Adding to this, he noted that he has zero involvement whatsoever.

“Paramount is just going ahead and doing it. They haven’t involved me. I just don’t have any thoughts on it. They’re just gonna do what they want, that’s Hollywood…They have not contacted me to make a cameo or be involved with the writing.”

Regarding the new cast, Zucker noted that he’s certain that the recently deceased OJ Simpson will not be in it. “OJ’s acting was a lot like his murder. He got away with it, but nobody believed him.”

Paramount has penciled a July 18, 2025, release for the feature.

TMZ: David Zucker Not Involved in Remake



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