Kevin Costner Responds To John Mulaney’s ‘Field Of Dreams’ Bit

Comedian John Mulaney had some fun with the plot of Field of Dreams as he introduced the award for Best Sound at the Oscars on Sunday.

In under two minutes, Mulaney walked the audience through the film’s plot which, without the benefit of the film, sounds like a movie pitch that wouldn’t have been greenlit.

Watch the video here.

The 1989 film was based on W. P. Kinsella’s 1982 novel “Shoeless Joe.” The film stars Kevin Costner as a farmer who builds a baseball field in his cornfield that attracts the ghosts of baseball legends. Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Timothy Busfield and Burt Lancaster (in his final film role) also star.

The film was released on May 1989 and was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Original Score and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Ray researches Graham, whose obituary said he was a beloved and charitable doctor, but makes no mention of his baseball career. Ray suddenly finds himself in 1972, and meets an elderly Graham, who feels his calling in life is medicine, not sports, and declines to visit Ray’s baseball field. During the drive back to Iowa, Ray and Mann pick up a young hitchhiker named Archie Graham, who is looking for a baseball team to join.

After the awards last Sunday, Kevin Costner took to the social media account of his band, Kevin Costner & Modern West, retweeted a video of Mulaney’s bit and wrote, “Not a bad summary 😂.”

In 2021, Costner took part in the Field of Dreams MLB game in Iowa, which was set in a special-purpose stadium built near the original movie set. At a pre-game press conference, Costner admitted he still felt an emotional connection with the film, saying:

“I’m moved by it. Somewhere along the line, if you have some unfinished business, that movie starts to take over.”

In August 2007, Rita Ameskamp sold the land containing her portion of the baseball field to Don and Becky Lansing – the owners of the remainder of the field. As a result, the movie site was, for the first time, entirely owned by the Lansing family. On October 30, 2011, it was aquired by a private partnership Go the Distance Baseball.

Under Go the Distance, new events have been held at the venue. The Ghost Players returned in 2013. Since Go the Distance purchased the field, visitor traffic has increased from 65,000 to 100,000 visitors per year.

A 2002 book by author Brett H. Mandel – “Is This Heaven? The Magic of the Field of Dreams” – chronicles the story of how the once make-believe location has been turned into a real and tangible place that beckons people from across the world.

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