“John Lennon” Bullet Withdrawn from Auction

A British auction house that planned to sell a bullet from the gun that was used to kill John Lennon in 1980 has now withdrawn the lot.

The auction was scheduled for February 28 and generated international headlines after it was covered by the BBC.

The bullet was recovered from the gun long after the British songwriter, singer, musician and former leader of the Beatles was killed by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980, in Manhattan, New York.

According to the auction house Anderson & Garland, which is based in Newcastle, the bullet originally belonged to Brian Taylor, who served as a chief superintendent for the Northumbria Police in the UK. The item was given up by his family.

At the time the bullet was scheduled for auction, Anderson & Garland said Taylor’s family had “decided it is time for another true John Lennon fan to own this historic item.”

According to the lot’s description, Taylor was patrolling with the New York Police Department (NYPD) in the Big Apple when a sequence of events eventually led him to the weapon.

“While in New York on patrol with the NYPD, Taylor was involved in a shooting and, being both British and a visitor, he was the only officer unarmed,” the auction house explained.

Taylor was taken to a small NYPD-affiliated museum to see the weapon “by way of an apology”, as the NYPD was aware that he was a big fan of the Beatles.

There he was allowed to fire the weapon that fired the bullets that shot one of music’s best and most beloved stars, John Lennon,” the lot’s description reads. “The bullet and cartridge were retrieved and given to Taylor as a gift.

He had them mounted and hung on the wall of his office for the remainder of his career.”

It is unknown why the auction house withdrew the item. Typically, items are withdrawn from auction if there are questions about authenticity or if there is a lack of interest.

The auction generated some controversy among Beatles fans, who found the potential sale to be in poor taste.

One comment on Reddit, which garnered two hundred upvotes, read. “A true Beatles fan couldn’t possess such a thing. The music is the legacy, not some macabre connection to the very weapon that robbed John’s family, friends, and fans of the life he would have continued to live.”

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