Is This a Christmas Movie?

Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 1980s news including:

  • Cobra Kai has cast an “iconic” Karate Kid character
  • The Christmas Story house has a new owner
  • Zelda is coming to the big screen
  • We’ll be able to bust ghosts in Chicago very soon

Then, Will introduces us to a new record that sounds like it was recorded in the 1980s. Get your copy of Love in Cage’s Trans-Reality at Bandcamp.

Finally, the Kat and Jon poke holes in Will’s “foolproof” method for determining whether a film is also a Christmas movie.

Introduction – 00:00

Love in Cage’s new album – 6:51

1980s News – 13:17

Is this a Christmas movie? – 38:38

Wrap-Up & Your Feedback – 1:29:15

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