Interview: Jonathan Betuel | A “Last Starfighter” Sequel?

Beginning in 2015, fans of 1984’s “The Last Starfighter” were thrilled when a potential sequel was teased. That excitement was buoyed when “Rogue One” scribe Gary Whitta announced he was working with Jon on the project—and ultimately released concept art for the film in 2021. Sadly, however, those hopes were dashed in September 2022, when Whitta responded to a fan on Twitter, writing, “To be honest there’s a decent chance it never happens.” And since then, there have been no updates.

On this episode, Will chats with Jonathan Betuel, the writer of “The Last Starfighter,” about the origins of the film, his experience with arcade games, and whether a potential sequel is still in the works.

0:0 – Interview: Jonathan Betuel

01:08:30 – Wrap-Up

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