Flashback: Is This a Christmas Movie?

In this episode, we flash all the way back to when 1980s Now was still a couple of idiots for the 80s. Here, Will and Ray determine which of seven 1980s films are Christmas movies in spite of what you may think. Did you agree with our definitive, unquestionable assessment? Write us at will@1980snow.com.

New Introduction – :15

Criteria for Christmas Movies – 1:48

“Trading Places” – 5:12

“Less Than Zero” – 9:12

“Gremlins” – 10:55

“Rocky IV” – 15:29

“Ghostbusters II” – 17:50

“Lethal Weapon” – 20:15

“Die Hard” – 24:50

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Is This a Christmas Movie?

Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 1980s news including: Cobra Kai has cast an “iconic” Karate Kid character The Christmas Story house