Chilean Star Wars Edit Better Than Special Edition

For decades, the original Star Wars trilogy has been a perennial of broadcast TV marathons all over the world shown in just about every language. Recently, videos from the 2003 broadcast of the OT in Chile have resurfaced online. In these showings of classic Star Wars, they didn’t cut to traditional commercial breaks. Instead, they edited the films to make it seem like characters from the movie were advertising the broadcast’s sponsor: a regional beer brand called Cerveza Cristal.

If you’re skeptical like us, you’re certain this must be some elaborate prank, created for clicks online.

According to a 2004 report by The Guardian, Cristal Beer’s agency, OMD Santiago, received an award at that year’s Cannes International Advertising Festival for the innovation.

In spite of the accolades, Lucasfilm was not too happy about these edits. Afterall, Uncle George is the only one allowed to make controversial edits of the original films.

In 2004, Lucas filed a grievance with the Chilean Council for Self-Regulation and Advertising Ethics. Lucasfilm’s lawyers argued that the product placement misled viewers into believing there was an official association between the filmmaker and Cerveza Cristal.

Ultimately, the council decreed that the commercials were not to be aired again. Despite this ruling, however, the channel and Cerveza Cristal partnered once more in 2004, embedding the beer into scenes from other popular movies like American Beauty, Notting Hill, and Gladiator.

One Twitter commentator wrote: “Imagine only ever seeing this version of Star Wars and spending the rest of your life wondering why no one else knows what you’re talking about when you reference the scene where Obi-Wan hands Luke a Cerveza Cristal.”

Another jokingly credited the beer as the secret to Palpatine’s mysterious resurrection, an important plot point in Disney’s The Rise of Skywalker that the film never fully explains.

Curiously, while we’ve seen four Cerveza Cristal Star Wars beer ad cuts online, none added the beverage to the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Nerdist: Chilean Star Wars Cut



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