Announcement Plus Interview Clips

First, Will, Kat and Jon reunite during their “break” to announce the new live show beginning on January 31. Kokomo Toys & Collectibles will be giving away a prize to a someone in the live audience. Join us on Facebook (or Youtube) on January 31 at 7pm Eastern for your chance to win. Plus, Jon shares a story of being spotted at CES.

Then, we hear collection of clips from some of our favorite interviews from 2023.

Those include chats with:

  • 1980s NBC casting executive Joel Thurm
  • Iconic 1980s radion DJ Larry “the Duck” Dunn
  • GenX viral sensation The Real Slim Sherri
  • Synthwave artist Dreamkid
  • Comedian Alonzo Bodden

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80s Song Mystery Was Solved

Recorded before a live Facebook (and YouTube) audience, Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 1980s news including: 01:55 – Gedde Watanabe is