Superman to Film at Hall ofJustice?

Almost every four years the Georgian calendar, receives its necessary realignment in the form of a leap year. To achieve this, an extra day is supplementary added to the month of February. As it turns out, February 29 is both the birthday of Clark Kent and—this year—the birth of sorts of the forthcoming Superman movie. […]

“John Lennon” Bullet Withdrawn from Auction

A British auction house that planned to sell a bullet from the gun that was used to kill John Lennon in 1980 has now withdrawn the lot. The auction was scheduled for February 28 and generated international headlines after it was covered by the BBC. The bullet was recovered from the gun long after the […]

Anthony Daniels Sells His Memorabilia

Anthony Daniels, the actor who has played C-3PO in numerous Star Wars movies and TV shows for over 40 years, is unloading his entire collection of Star Wars goodies in an auction thrown by memorabilia specialists Propstore that will be held this week in Los Angeles. One of the centerpieces of the Anthony Daniels Collection […]

Chilean Star Wars Edit Better Than Special Edition

For decades, the original Star Wars trilogy has been a perennial of broadcast TV marathons all over the world shown in just about every language. Recently, videos from the 2003 broadcast of the OT in Chile have resurfaced online. In these showings of classic Star Wars, they didn’t cut to traditional commercial breaks. Instead, they […]

Forever 80s with Liz Worth

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