True Crime: The Monster with 21 Faces

It was March 18, 1984. Although the sun had set a few hours earlier on the city of Nishinomiya, Japan, two men had just begun their nefarious work. With guns in hand, the soon-to-be criminals stood just outside the front door of 70-year-old Yoshie Ezaki. As the elderly woman began her nighttime ablutions, the men, […]

1980s True Crime: The Monster with 21 Faces

Will, Kat and Jon discuss current 80s news including Kate Bush partying like it’s 1985 and Ice-T vs. internet trolls. Then, Will shares the true tale of how a mysterious criminal organization terrorized Japan in the mid 1980s. Introduction – :30 Announcements – 2:25 Will appearing at Anime Ohio on June 18. Visit for […]